What if you could

Build Like Nature?

Nature builds sustainably and efficiently. Material comes at a premium. Form is unlimited. Complexity is free. Its results are full of beauty and wonder. Branch Technology is changing the way that we build. We are asking the question, “what if you could build like nature?”

Cellular Fabrication™

Branch is moving to a minimal material solution. Instead of asking, “how much can we 3D print?”, we are asking, “how little?”


Cellular Fabrication™ (C-Fab™) enables this change. 


We create the complexity of a cellular construct into which economical construction materials are applied to provide the function and strength of a wall assembly. Composite structures are created using the same methodology with which nature builds. Like bones in our body or trees in the forest, optimized geometries are made strong and functional by the material filling the matrix. The interior and exterior skins can then be finished in any fashion.


3D Printing

At the heart of Cellular Fabrication™ is Branch Technology’s patented freeform 3D printing process.


Freeform printing in open space is not constrained to the slow, layer-by-layer build process of traditional 3D printing.


Our algorithm creates both the geometry and robotic motion to construct complex geometries in open space, without the use of support materials or highly controlled build environments. United with tried and true building materials and methods, this delivers a product that is as robust as it is revolutionary.

Democratizing Design

Branch Technology is taking construction into a new era. 

Nature has unlimited creativity. In a similar manner, Cellular Fabrication™ allows virtually unlimited design freedom using economical construction materials.

The result is that all construction projects - every home, every office - can enjoy cost effective design freedom.


Branch Technology is democratizing design freedom for all.