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R. Platt Boyd IV, AIA, LEED AP

Founder | CEO

Platt is an experienced and award-winning architect with a track record of success and innovation. His frustration with the design and economic constraints imposed by traditional building techniques, fascination with the natural world and interest in both 3D printing and robotics led him to found Branch Technology and challenge the status quo.

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Christopher W. Weller

Co-Founder | Algorithmic Design | Digital Fabrication

Chris graduated in three years from the University of Virginia’s School of Architecture in 2015, where he developed expertise in algorithmic design and fabrication. Platt and Chris have been next-door neighbors for 11 years and their shared interests in biology, technology, engineering and design led them to co-found Branch together.

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Anthony DiSanto

Mechanical Engineering | Robotics

Tony is a skilled mechanical engineer with industry experience in CNC, robotics and extrusion. Tony is leading Branch to grow Cellular Fabrication™ to unprecedented scale.

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Bruce Hilbert, PhD

Algorithms | Optimization

Bruce is an expert in computational grid generation and has knowledge in all areas of numerical simulation. As a graduate and former employee of the University of Tennessee's SimCenter, he has extensive experience in dealing with complex geometry. Bruce is creating new ways to bring digital designs into the real world.

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Melody Rees, LEED, AIA Associate

Designer | Project Manager

Melody is an architectural designer with and expertise in digital fabrication and computational design. As a former employee of Gensler New York and with graduate degree from University of Pennsylvania’s School of Design she plans to streamline the design to delivery process and empower designers today.