Branch Technology consists of a diverse team of architects, programmers, mechanical engineers, mathematicians and industrial designers focused on the common goal of revolutionizing the built environment. We are passionate about translating the strength, beauty, and efficiency of nature into how we build.





R. Platt Boyd IV

Founder | CEO

Platt is an experienced and award-winning architect with a track record of success and innovation. His frustration with the design and economic constraints imposed by traditional building techniques, fascination with the natural world and interest in both 3D printing and robotics led him to found Branch Technology and challenge the status quo.


Christopher W. Weller

Co-Founder | Algorithmic Design

Chris is an engineer's architect who graduated from the University of Virginia’s School of Architecture in just three years.  Chris' expertise lies in algorithmic and robotic design. As true autodidact, he has mastered the skill set of a robot tamer and polymer wizard.

Anthony DiSanto

Mechanical Engineering | Robotics

Tony is a skilled mechanical engineer with industry experience in industrial robotics and extrusion technologies. He has designed and built robotic systems for CNC milling, plasma cutting, welding and 3D printing. He is intensely dedicated to unlocking the creative versatility of industrial robotics and human-machine interfacing within the construction industry and beyond. Tony is leading Branch to grow Cellular Fabrication™ to unprecedented scale.


Bruce Hilbert, PhD

Algorithms | Optimization

Bruce is an expert in computational grid generation and has knowledge in all areas of numerical simulation. As a graduate and former employee of the University of Tennessee SimCenter, he has extensive experience in dealing with complex geometry. Bruce is creating new ways to bring digital designs into the real world.


Melody Rees

LEED, AIA Associate
Designer | Project Manager

Melody is an award-winning designer with international experience in architecture and interior design. She holds a graduate degree in Advanced Architectural Design from University of Pennsylvania’s School of Design. Melody has a passion for streamlining the design to delivery process of constructing buildings by implementing new digital workflows and fabrication technologies.

Matt Culver

Architect | Digital Fabricator

Matt is an experienced and licensed architect with a passion for digital fabrication. After earning his Master of Science and Digital Technologies degree from the University of Michigan, Matt comes to Branch Technology to develop digital tools that optimize architectural form via intelligent material and structure with a high degree of craftsmanship.


David Fuehrer

Director of Sales | New Business Development

David is an award-winning Industrial Designer with a unique balance of design and manufacturing experience spanning from Aerospace to Commercial office finishes & furnishings. David’s passion for design, curiosity for how things work and natural inclination to organize allow him to effectively share Branch’s vision and aid in the development of collaborative projects.


Hamilton Brock

Special Projects | New Business Development

Hamilton comes to Branch Technology with over 25 years of operations and entrepreneurial experience.  His background includes stints across many industries, including manufacturing, construction, marketing, branding and retail.  His love for people and processes, personnel development and project coordination has helped advance companies toward their strategic objectives.


Jason Vereschak

Design | Project Management

Jason is a highly skilled and creative designer. After earning his Bachelors’ of Architecture from California College of the Arts, he gained experience working at award winning offices in New York City. Jason quickly built an impressive portfolio of numerous iconic projects utilizing computational design, custom fabrication and commercial construction. Jason brings his expertise and passion for forward thinking design to every project at Branch Technology.




Branch is seeking humble geniuses to join the team. If you don’t know if you are a genius, but do brilliant work, you are our perfect candidate. We are looking for a person who is interested in what we can accomplish together to change the world.