Branch Technology Debuts at GigTank; Wins Investor's Choice Award

It's been an intense summer for us at Branch Technology, but it was all worth it on Tuesday night when we debuted at GigTank's Demo Day and won the Investor's Choice Award.


The last few months have been a flurry of activity at Branch: moving to Chattanooga, going through GigTank, getting our new production-scale robot and extruder up and running (the world's largest freeform 3D printer!!) and making full-size, finished prototypes of our walls. As rewarding as all of that has been, probably the best part for all of us is finally being able to share all of that work with the world.

Demo Day at GigTank was the first time that we publicly talked about what we are doing - using freeform 3D printing as the enabler for building walls and structures without creative limits using Cellular Fabrication™. And more important than just being able to talk about it, Demo Day was our first chance to show the public what we can start making with our technology: full-scale curved walls, interior walls that look like they belong in a modern art museum, the mock-up of a load bearing wall, a desk that gently arcs into a wall and even some just-for-fun pieces like a carbon-fiber covered aerofoil. Needless to say, our booth was a popular one and it was so much fun describing our tech and showing where it could go in the near future. (For those of you who missed the live demo, I'll be posting pics of each demo piece very soon!)

Demo Day would not have been the same had it not been for our friends, family and all the people who have been supporting us every step of the way. Some of our very first investors were there to cheer us on, family members were helping show off the tech and even our website designers were drumming up excitement. We could feel the support from every corner of the building and Platt definitely tapped into that energy during his pitch and knocked it out of the park.


The culmination of the night was winning the Investor's Choice Award (selected as the best GigTank startup by a pool of investors who had come from across the country for the event). The pool of startups was tremendous, so it was a huge honor being selected from amongst such a talented and deserving field. 

Thank you again to everyone who came out to support us, as well as those who supported us from afar. We have proven a lot in the last few months at GigTank, but we are looking forward to pushing so much farther!

Karen Culp