At Branch Technology, we are inspired by the way that nature builds and have developed really cool technology to allow us to construct buildings in ways previously impossible (at least within a budget). We combine 3D printing with large-scale robotics to allow us to build houses, offices, even (what could only be described as) artwork using a technique called Cellular Fabrication™.

It's all really amazing, but the question we often get asked is, "what do structures look like when you start building like nature?"


Inspiration from Complexity

The image above shows one of our first full-scale prints (just the scaffold) and offers a good starting point for thinking about what is possible. At the heart of the question is the understanding that in nature, materials and energy are at a premium, while complexity and customization are free. Building with complexity has always been difficult for humans, because it is usually linked with time. And time is money.

3D printing changes all of that.

With 3D printing, it is no more time-consuming to print something complex than it is to print something boring and uniform. Complete customization is almost as easy as mass production. Those facts are at the core of unlocking the ability to emulate nature. Once we are free to introduce complexity and customization into building, we unlock a huge amount of design that was previously inaccessible. Because Cellular Fabrication is cost competitive with traditional construction, we can introduce beautiful curves, organic shapes and touches of personalization and function to every building - imagination is the only limitation.

Let's get inspired to do something new.

Branch's Founder, Platt Boyd, shows some of the designs that have brought him inspiration on his Pinterest wall. For me, visiting Gaudi's work in Barcelona unlocked my mind to what is possible. The beauty is that everyone can be inspired by different things and when you start building like nature, everyone can be uniquely satisfied. People can finally feel like they have a space that fully reflects who they are.

The Start of Something New

At Branch, we are just starting to explore the possibilities of what happens when we start building like nature. We have our own inspiration, but what is really interesting is what other people can start building when our technology unlocks their creativity and imaginations. To that effect, we are excited to announce that we will be launching a design competition for a 3D printed house using our unique technology:

  • Designers will submit the designs for their dream house
  • Branch will bring the winning design to life
  • Everyone can watch and get to see what happens when we start building like nature

If you're an architect or designer looking to see your best designs come to life or if you are just interested in following the action and seeing what is possible, click the link below and sign up. We're excited to see all of the possibilities!

Learn More About the Competition

Karen Culp