Branch 3D Prints in Bio-material

Branch Technology and ALGIX 3D partner to deliverthe next revolution in 3D printing.


The partnership utilizes ALGIX 3D formulated bio-polymers in Branch Technology's large-scale 3D printing process. Together this work represents the beginning of a new era of innovative and sustainable fabrication.

Branch Technology and ALGIX 3D are both emerging material and fabrication technology companies working symbiotically to build a better future starting today. They are developing integrated bottom-up products with a truly organic DNA, wherein proteins inform materials, materials inform internal structure and structure informs the design of furniture, walls, and other architectural building components…. Both companies are designing and building structures that are closer to nature in every way.

Branch abides by their slogan “build like nature,” so partnering with ALGIX 3D was an easy choice. ALGIX 3D develops materials for the additive manufacturing (AM) industry that are “engineered to perform” yet are also environmentally sustainable. The focus of this partnership is to help customers fulfill the performance needs of today while acting as stewards of future generations.

The ALGIX 3D portfolio of bio-based materials includes: DURA (durable and tough), OMNI (all purpose) and ALGA (made from wild harvested algae). Branch is using these materials in the wide variety of architectural applications. The benefits of using ALGIX 3D materials allows Branch to create healthy indoor air quality for manufacturers and customers, contribute to sustainable building and certifications and to close the loop on cradle to cradle manufacturing.

Looking ahead, it is hopeful that advanced manufacturing methods, like those employed by Branch Technology, combined with environmentally responsible ALGIX 3D materials have set a new standard, whereby designers can realize enumerable forms manufactured with healthy materials.

Melody Rees