Material Support From Techmer PM


Branch Technology Leads NASA Competition With Support From Techmer PM Materials

Resin pellets compounded by Techmer PM

Resin pellets compounded by Techmer PM

On May 4th, Branch Technology won top marks during NASA’s 3-D Habitat Centennial Challenge for a project submission that uses materials developed by Techmer PM.

Techmer PM is a leading materials design company that works in partnership with plastics processors, OEMs, and designers to solve some of their most difficult business, manufacturing, and sustainability challenges. The company’s solutions modify the aesthetics as well as extend and maintain the physical properties of plastic products. The company designs custom solutions for customers to maximize performance through collaboration and by leveraging its leading-edge technology.  

Branch Technology and Foster + Partners called upon Techmer PM to develop a new 3D printing resin that also met demands of the competition. Together we designed, drew, sourced and compounded a material with planetary and mission recyclable materials. 

“We knew we needed experts in materials design to be successful, and Techmer PM would be the best partner,” said Platt Boyd, CEO of Branch Technology. “They have tremendous experience in 3-D printing, they’re innovative, and they like to collaborate in solving tough problems with their customers.” The Level 1 Compression Test Competition is the first of three sub-competitions within Phase 2. With $1.1 million in total prizes available, this phase focused on methods and materials needed to create a structural coloumn for 3-D printed habitats on Earth and beyond.

“Seeing tangible, 3-D-printed objects for this phase makes the goals of this challenge more conceivable than ever,” said Monsi Roman, program manager of NASA’S Centennial Challenges Program. “This is the first step toward building an entire habitat structure, and the potential to use this technology to aid human exploration to new worlds is thrilling.”

“When Branch Technology approached us with this project, we knew this would be exacting,” said John Manuck, chairman and CEO of Techmer PM. “After reading the brief, we couldn’t wait to get started. Branch Technology is on the leading edge of 3-D construction, and we were sure that together, we could design materials to meet NASA’s specifications.”

Branch Technology and Techmer PM are working on Level 2 and Level 3 of the competition.

Melody Rees