Branch has years of experience developing inspiring environments that ignite the imagination and embody your brand.

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Unleash Your Design Freedom

We can create your vision by unleashing our in-house design team to develop solutions that align with the advanced capabilities of large scale 3D printing.

Scale and Scope for Your Needs

From a small booth to the world's largest pavilion; our in-house team will create solutions that meet your timeframe and needs.

Building Value for Your Brand

Our designs are resilient to environmental demands and can be updated as branded elements change.


Functional & Modular

We match your needs with unparalleled solutions through our advanced design and development process.


Inspire & Engage

It's getting harder to capture your customer's attention. Our process allow us to engage them in ways not possible by your competitors.


Budget s & Deadlines

Meeting pods or a 50' x 50' expo booth; we can design, fabricate, and ship right to your door.


Find out how we can design and build your dream space.