MODA Sculpture


DESIGNER: Keith Kasemen, KBAS


BUILT: September 2015

VOLUME: 54cu.ft.


This 18 foot tall structure is the result of a collaboration between Branch Technology and KBAS, a research group run by Keith Kasemen. The Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA) challenged the two parties to demonstrate the reality of 3D printing for architectural applications as a feature in their 3D Printing the Future exhibit. In a little over a month, the combined effort filled the space with a structure that is truly ground-breaking. With a volume of around 54 cubic feet, the structure was printed in a number of parts and then assembled on site. The work represents a pilot project for Branch's freeform 3D printing process, C-Fab(Cellular Fabrication). The design challenged and expanded upon Branch's printing capabilities while highlighting how technology can enable new possibilities for designers. The structure has since been inducted into the museum’s permanent collection.


Melody Rees