Drone Landing Pad


DESIGNER: Keith Kasemen, KBAS

LOCATION: Knoxville, TN

BUILT: May 2016

VOLUME: 65cu.ft.

COLLABORATORS: Breanna Browning, Studio Anomalous, Sanders pace Architects, UTK School of Architecture and the UT Fab Lab.


Dubbed Dronopod, this project is a landing pad for drones. It serves as a speculative projection for the future city of Knoxville, TN. Designed by Keith Kasemen, professor at Georgia Tech and partner of KBAS, the project was a research initiative on integrated technologies, namely digital fabrication, augmented reality and drones.

The project was created to spark conversations about what cities will look like when drones become as ubiquitous as our cell phones. The 12-foot-tall faceted forms act as armatures to support and integrate all other elements of the project. Branch Technology 3D printed the forms in glass-reinforced ABS as two large parts. The parts were then painted with a high-end automotive finish and clad with laser cut steel plates.

Following a $250 million public-private partnership announced in 2015, this project illustrates the growing efforts in making East Tennessee a hub of advanced technology innovation.

Keith Kaseman talks about his drone landing pad

Melody Rees