Erlanger Children’s Hospital


DESIGNER: Branch Technology
LOCATION: Erlanger Children’s Hospital, Chattanooga, TN
BUILT: 2018
SIZE: 1000 sq ft
VOLUME: 200 cu. ft.
COLLABORATORS: Rock City Gardens, Elemi Architects, BEMA A/E, McCarthy Construction, Range Projects

The Erlanger Children’s Hospital play terrace is an imaginative place that utilizes 3D printing to create a playful canopy for visiting children. This nature-inspired project features abstracted floral forms emerging from the terrace and reaching toward the sky. Based on a hexagonal grid of simple shapes and clean lines, complex three-dimensional forms materialize to create an undulating canopy. They join much like a canopy of trees in a dense forest providing both dappled light and ample shade. The project leverages Branch Technology’s patented C-Fab™ process to create a light-weight opacity-filled material supported by minimal steel columns, all of which are finished with a contemporary ombre color effect. With a bright pallet of color and other play elements within the space, the project is tailored to a child’s spirited imagination. The overall organization promotes curious meandering and the discovery of sound elements nestled throughout. Strong visuals, sound, texture and movement intersect to awaken a child’s senses and encourage a delight in the world around them.

Melody Rees